Easton Soule Anderson

My interest in photography started in eighth grade when I signed up for a film photography class. Little did I know at the time that this class would spark a passion inside me for black & white photography that continues to grow.

My grandfather, an amateur photographer himself, had a darkroom set up in the basement of his home. It was still there years later; when I found it, I took it over and began experimenting and collecting new gear and instruments from generous friends in the world of photography, excited to see a young kid take a liking to their art.

As my darkroom began to expand, so did my desire to know more about photography and the intricacies of printing and processing. So it wasn’t long before I’d signed up for workshops hosted by John Sexton and Alan Ross, world-renown photographers who worked side by side with Ansel Adams. Their photography, developing, and printing skills are unmatched, and their mentorship has been instrumental in my ongoing growth.

Although I’ve photographed many different subjects, I am drawn towards landscape and street photography.  Growing up and spending time in the mountains contributed to my love of the landscape and appreciation for being in nature. However, my interest in street photography is harder to pin down.  Regardless of its roots, I enjoy carrying my camera around the streets of any city I visit and capturing images of the moments that we usually just pass by without a second thought.  

When I’m not in the darkroom or outside taking photos, I can be found in a welding studio surrounded by flames and metal, creating a different kind of art.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions! I’d love to hear from you.


Easton Soule Photography